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Corrections Officer Training

Your online resource for Corrections Officer Training and Career Information. Corrections officers are always in high demand. This part of the criminal justice system is the one that focuses on jails and the incarceration of prisoners and law-breaking citizens. A corrections officer is responsible for working in the jail environment and managing and taking care of prisoners. A certificate or degree program in corrections generally can be two years or less and qualify for the educational requirements of correctional facilities. Careers in this area include correctional officers, probation officers, administrative positions, and other related job titles. There is a training program that includes education on criminal justice, social and behavioral sciences, and conflict resolution and problem solving. Working in the criminal justice system with corrections officer training is a career that many people find very enjoyable. It pays well and generally comes with state or federal benefits depending on where employment is found. As the population continues to grow and more people are put in jail, there will be a need for more corrections officers into the next decade or so. Plus, there are many reaching retirement age which is creating a new demand for corrections officers as well.

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