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Counseling Degrees

Your online resource for Counseling Degrees and Career Information. Counseling is a specialized field of social work that involves working directly with the public in a mental health setting to address their problems. Counseling degrees consist of training and education in social services, psychology and techniques, and their particular chosen discipline: marriage, family, adult, child, or corporate counseling. With so many different options to choose from, there are options out there for anyone considering a career in counseling, no matter what they might be looking for. By taking the time to learn about what education is specifically required for the career that they want, students can easily get their training and education done in a timely manner and get to work sooner than they might have otherwise. In most cases, at least a bachelor's degree is required in counseling, although better positions will be found with a master's or PhD in the area. As the population increases, there will be a growing demand for counselors over the next ten to fifteen years, which is promising for people who are just starting their education.

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