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Crime Scene Degrees

Your online resource for Crime Scene Degrees and Career Information. Crime scene degrees teach basic forensics and advanced criminal justice procedures so that people can become crime scene investigators like all of the people that they see on TV. Of course, actual crime scene investigation is not nearly as glamorous as it looks on television, so people need to keep that in mind. The work is mostly unpleasant and unsettling, and it will not always end with a happy ending like they do on TV. Crime scene degrees will offer courses in criminal justice, crime scene operations, principles of crime scene searches, types of evidence and how to find it, using equipment and tools, and other elements that are involved in CSI careers. Crime scene degrees are generally a four-year degree, but sometimes can be completed in two. Additionally, people who want to seek more education can attain a master's degree in crime scene investigation, allowing them to be eligible for management opportunities and other administrative roles. The future of this career is stable and expected to grow slightly more than the national average for occupations through 2018, so students can rest assured that jobs will be there when they are needed.

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