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Your online resource for Criminology Degree and Career Information. Criminology is the study of crime. This relates directly to criminal justice studies and general criminal justice education. These educational paths can set anyone up for a successful career in the criminal justice system, whether they are working on the street or in a lab doing research on the theory and psychology of crime and criminals, which is usually what criminology entails. It is the job of the criminology degree program to teach people how to profile criminals, how to use sociology and psychology to profile crimes and analyze patterns and statistics to determine relevant results. A criminology degree can be completed in four years, although master's education is always going to help increase job success and opportunities. A criminology degree is something that people can use to learn about administration of justice, crime and violence in the U.S., psychology of crime, research methods of criminal justice, and related fields. A criminology degree can lead to careers as a law reform researcher, consumer advocate, crime intelligence analyst, criminologist consultant, and related careers.

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