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Your online resource for Culinary Arts Education and Career Information. The culinary world is a colorful, exotic, and exciting place. Whether you forge your path in the kitchen as a professional chef or even behind the scenes as a food critic, your career will be full of culture and constant learning. If that sounds like the life for you, good news: the culinary world does not stagnate, and as those in the industry leave their positions for higher prospects or different fields, new hands with innovative minds are in constant demand. Visit our extensive listings of online culinary schools & degrees, culinary jobs & careers, culinary salary information as well as culinary bachelor degrees, culinary associate degrees, culinary certificates, diplomas and culinary master degrees online or at a campus nearby. If you're not sure where to start, see our overview of types of culinary programs & degrees.


Do you want to make food your bread and butter? Attending Culinary School can educate you in the art of food preparation and food service management. Culinary Schools offer degrees programs such as a two year Associate of Applied Science degree or a four year Bachelor of Science degree. These degrees usually focus on either food preparation or restaurant management and hospitality. Some schools offer certification programs for experienced chefs who seek a certification to show their competency. Possible Coursework in Culinary School: Culinary schools have courses that can teach you everything you wanted to know about food. You'll learn how to traditionally and innovatively use the food preparation equipment and techniques, but beyond that, you'll learn the language and history of the culinary arts. And food isn't just about culture and taste; scientific principles come into play. In culinary school you could also gain in-depth knowledge about nutrition, and the chemistry and physics of food. Exciting Opportunities in Respected Restaurants: Culinary schools want your knowledge and education to be formed on the cutting edge of the industry. Many culinary schools have business partnerships with high profile restaurants, and consequently, students are expected to complete 'externships' working in these restaurants. Admission to some culinary schools requires previous experience in food service, and if your previous experience is extensive (several years or more), you might qualify for an accelerated study program. So whether you want to make mouths water with savory French sauces, taste buds dance with delicate pastries, or eyes pop at amazing blown sugar sculptures, bring your creativity and passion for the culinary arts to life in culinary school.

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