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Art & Design Degrees in Delaware

Guide to Delaware Art and Design Degree Programs

Delaware does not have a very extensive amount of resources for art and design majors. There are not many universities in the area who offer such programs, but there are some online options you may consider. There may be options available at your local vocational school or community college, so check those places to see if they have degree programs to fit your needs. You should be able to locate a traditional or online institute to attend.

Courses for a degree in art design are based on what area of the field you wish to get into. There are five main areas of the degree: Art, Performing Art, Applied Arts and Design, Architecture and Film. Each section has a subsection for even more degree specialization options. You can opt to work on the technical side of art, or you can look into showcasing your own creativity. No matter what degree you pursue, you will have to take basic courses like math, science, English and history as they are required on a national level. Additional courses may be required by your chosen university.

Delaware Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

There is a positive job outlook ahead for art design majors in the country. As historians delve further into the past, there will be many positions open for preservation of artifacts and other historic pieces. This will also lead to more positions available as Museum Directors. Beyond that, students can choose to become a Landscape Designer, Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Film Producer, Multimedia Expert and much more when looking into an art and design degree. The possibilities are endless with the right specialization to back you up.

In terms of earnings, it is hard to get a set median for art and design majors as there are so many different areas that a person could go into. Depending on the job and the rank within the position, salaries might start at $60,000 and skyrocket from there. Approximately 62% of people within this field are self-employed, so a lot of times earnings are based on the available clients and general talent. Documentary Producers may make a decent living if their film goes big, but if it remains something of a private nature, they will not earn as much. If the situation is right though, there can be a lot of money made in the field of art and design.

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