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Accounting Schools in District Of Columbia

Guide to District of Columbia Accounting Degree Programs

The District of Columbia is fraught with all kinds of problems that good accountants can solve. Thus it would only be fitting to study accounting in such a city. Though it is small in size, the District of Columbia offers three different programs for accounting. You can choose to get a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in the field, depending on how far you want to go. If a physical classroom setting does not suit your needs, you can also choose to study online through American InterContinental University.

The courses that you take within the accounting degree program will cover all areas of the field. You will learn about everything from federal taxation laws to auditing, and the professors at the university should be well experienced. The degree program should provide some flexibility for you to pick a minor or at least some electives to play around with. You will start off with the basics, like math and English, but once those are completed, all of your classes will relate to your future career.

District of Columbia Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for accounting is quite promising, so you should be able to find work once you complete your degree program. Many businesses are now seeking qualified accountants to help them fit within the confines of federal law. Nowadays, the punishments for financial reporting fraud are more severe than ever before. Legislation has been passed to ensure proper reporting, so the need for good accountants is and will continue to be on the rise. That, combined with an expanding economy, makes for a positive growth in the future for this field.

The amount of money that you may earn as an accountant will all depend on the kind of work that you do. Obviously, a nonprofit organization is not going to be able to pay you as much as the U.S. government, so you’ll need to pick your job wisely. It’s a matter of weighing the rewards of the position and the money you can make. There are bonuses to be made on a yearly basis, and some places offer them as high as $2,000. You may also get the chance to put money into a 401K plan, in which case you can start preparing for your own retirement early on.

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