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Art & Design Degrees in District Of Columbia

Guide to District of Columbia Art and Design Degree Programs

Though the District of Columbia may be small, it is still the home of some great opportunities to study in the field of art and design. The historic architecture and culture of the area make it a great place for Art History majors to get acclimated with their field of study. There are many different course options available in online and traditional settings and some schools offer hybrid programs that allow students to take classes both online and in person. Whatever works for you will likely determine which institute you attend.

In terms of what will be studied in an art and design degree, that all depends on what specialization is being pursued. If you are looking at a more historical side of art and design, you will likely have to take many different history classes that look into different facets of art. If, however, you wanted to pursue a degree in graphic design, you’re going to need to take courses based on computer drafted drawing. Other factors for what courses you take will be determined by your chosen minors and the requirements of the university you attend.

District of Columbia Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

With the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicting a 16 percent growth in art and design jobs for the country in the coming years, things seem to be looking up for people who earn such degrees The availability of jobs in Washington D.C. in particular may or may not be limited, depending on your field of specialty. With the level of museums and galleries in the area, there should be no issue in finding a position at an actual house of art as an Art Historian or Museum Director, but some self employment jobs may be hard to make money at.

Overall, an art and design degree could open the gate to a range of career opportunities, including working as a Graphic Designer, Printmaker, Landscape Designer, Architect, Art Director and much more. Where you go with such a degree is entirely dependent upon your passions in life. Some art and design students earn roughly $60,000 a year, but there are others who far exceed that. It just depends on your chosen field. Given that you maintain a passion for what you do the whole way through, you should be able to see a fair income with an art and design degree.

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