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Business Degrees in District Of Columbia

Guide to Business Schools in District of Columbia

Choosing business schools in the District of Columbia isn’t always an easy task. Plus, getting into many of these prestigious schools requires a certain amount of intelligence, talent, and financial means. However, you should take the time to figure out what type of business degree you want and how you’re going to pay for it before you get in over your head. You have public and private business schools to choose from, as well as variety of technical programs and concentrated online courses to get your business degree.

In order to choose, you will have to figure out which type of degree you want and what type of learning best suits your needs. D.C. is not like many of the states in the U.S. The schools here are prestigious and there are not a lot of options for those on an educational budget. Financial aid will be your best friend. Look for internships that can provide you with financial aid, as well as programs offered by the District of Columbia for business majors to help offset the costs that you face.

District of Columbia Business Job Outlook and Salary

A chief executive in the District of Columbia will easily earn nearly $180,000 annually, or more, depending on their position and education as well as their experience. This is definitely an area where high pay is expected, but the cost of living is also higher in D.C. than it is in many states throughout the country. Wall Street might have lost more than 34,000 jobs, but D.C. still has plenty to offer business professionals both now and into the future.

Managers in human resources, purchasing, general and operational business, and computers and information will earn an average of $115,000 to $125,000 depending on the exact position that is held. These are some of the most lucrative business careers that you’ll find in the country, but you also have to keep in mind that the District of Columbia is not a cheap place to live, either. Of course, you can choose to live in Virginia or Maryland, which are both within a 30 minute drive, and commute to the city for work. Business opportunities abound in D.C. and are sure to grow in the future, as they are elsewhere in the country. The exact business that you choose is up to you, but a business administration degree will leave you plenty of options.

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