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Engineering Degrees in District Of Columbia

Guide to District of Columbia Engineering Schools

The District of Columbia is a highly populated metro area that offers many different opportunities for employment, education, and career success for those who live in the area. With more than 30 different colleges, technical schools, and online programs to choose from, this tiny district has big offerings for engineering students of all kinds. D.C. is a very technology-forward city, with engineering schools that lead to government jobs and private-sector employment with engineering. There are some grants and scholarships, as well as positions that you can obtain which will pay for or help to cover the costs of your engineering education, because it is important to many different employers and companies.

A four year degree in engineering can prove to offer plenty of future career potential. However, for those seeking better careers or a more specialized path for their future, master’s level degrees and any further training in a specialized field of engineering will only serve to improve the future employment options and potential income that can be earned. With so many different colleges, technical schools, and online programs to choose from in engineering, the District of Columbia is an ideal place to obtain an engineering education and then go out to find a career that is sure to make the education worthwhile. Degrees in software and computer engineering are hot right now, as are electronics engineering positions. For jobs with the government, the highest level of education is usually required.

District of Columbia Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

The District of Columbia is always growing and expanding, and offering some of the best jobs in the engineering industry that you’ll find anywhere in the country. Aerospace and chemical engineers bring in more than $100,000 annually on average, while the median annual wage for the engineering field in general is $112,000. While the cost of living is slightly higher in the D.C. metro area, many choose to live in the rural areas of Virginia or Maryland and commute to the city, which affords many different opportunities within 30 minutes of the city.

The futures of engineering jobs in D.C. look good. Considering that the government does all of its business here, along with many other national and highly-ranked companies, there is always going to be highly technical work that needs to be done in this city. As technology progresses, computer, electrical, and electronics engineers will become more and more coveted and be in high demand.

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