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More than 5,000 elementary- and secondary-education teachers are already employed in the District of Columbia with many others working in speciality fields such as preschool or literacy, according to May 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One way to look for employment as a teacher is to enroll in one of the teaching programs in the District of Columbia. The options should include an education in the specific age group you want to teach, as well as schools offering classes through traditional campuses. If you are already employed, you may want to look for online teaching degrees in the District of Columbia. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers play a key role in child development. They use a wide range of skill and resources to teach basic skills. Usually, elementary-school teachers instruct a particular class in several subjects. Middle-school and secondary-school teachers encourage students to plunge deeper into subjects they have studied in earlier grades. Many middle- and secondary-school teachers specialize in specific subjects such as math, Spanish or biology. The BLS reports that employment prospects are best for high-demand teaching posts in the fields of science, math and bilingual education. Teachers are also in higher demand in rural or less desirable urban locations. Elementary-school teachers already at work in the District of Columbia earned mean wages of $64,200 and secondary-school teachers earned mean wages of $55,740.

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