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Your online resource for Economics Degree Programs and Career Information. Economics degree programs can offer many career options for people who pursue them. Economics is a social science that involves a lot of analysis of people, places, or things. Professionals who hold an economics degree can find careers in universities, businesses, and consulting positions. Many people who graduate with an economics degree will study social elements like poverty, while others will study corporations and government bodies. The study is focused on the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth or money. Many people who go into economics enjoy studying social trends and details to find the different ways things work or trends that the world is going through. Students can choose from two-year, four-year, and higher level degrees for their economics degree, depending on their specific desires for their career future. With so many different types of opportunities to choose from and so many educational paths to follow, anyone can find the career that they want with an economics degree. The field is expected to grow on par with the national average, which will mean a projected growth of about 11% into the next 10 years.

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