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Your online resource for General Education Degrees and Career Information. General education degrees are a great choice for people who want to work in education, but aren't sure where their skills would be best utilized. Of course, the most obvious career choice for those seeking this degree is teaching. However, general education degrees can also lead to careers in tutoring, private education, administration, and other areas within the educational system. The degree is designed to prepare students for lesson planning, discipline, instruction in the classroom, and the psychology of learning. It teaches theory and practical applications of teaching to provide people with a basis to start from in their own teaching careers. There are 2-year programs, bachelor degrees, master's programs, and all types of specialty declarations that can be added to any general education program. General education careers can be found in a variety of areas, including teaching, administration within schools, and other educational careers outside of becoming a teacher. There is a growing demand for teachers in the United States, offering job opportunities that are well above average into the next decade.

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