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Your online resource for Electronics Repair Training and Career Information. Electronics repair is an ever-growing industry. As technology makes society more reliant on electronics and computerized devices, there will be a greater need for electronics repair professionals. Students who choose this path for their career will spend 1-2 years in vocational or community colleges learning the tools of the trade. Employers do hire repairers that don't have postsecondary education, but the projected salaries and job prospects for those without degrees are much lower than those with formal training and education in electronics repair. Growth of this industry is expected to be slightly above average into the next decade, but will have different numbers for each specialty field that exists within the industry. In addition to education, there is often a requirement of hands-on training or apprenticeship for a short time in the beginning of any career. This, of course, varies from one employer to the next. The skills learned in electronics repair training will offer students the chance to find careers as self-employed repairers, service providers for manufacturers, retail stores, and as employees with larger repair companies.

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