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EMT Training Schools

Your online resource for EMT Training Schools and Career Information. EMT training schools are available to students who want to complete the training program to become certified as an emergency medical technician. EMT training courses are standardized and required to meet U.S. Department of Transportation curriculum standard. These courses specialize in teaching trauma and respiratory care, cardiac emergency management, and use of equipment and tools that EMTs have to use on the job. EMT training schools have different levels of training programs for all types of students, no matter what their current skill level might be. The program starts with EMT Basic, or EMT-B and moves on up to EMT-P, which is Paramedic, the highest level of training an EMT can achieve. These courses take months to complete and train students to deal with a variety of emergency situations and prepare them for the worst case scenario and teach them how to handle themselves. EMTs must be certified in all 50 states once they have completed their training. As far as career futures go, there is plenty of room for growth within the EMT industry now, and there will be into the future.

EMT Schools

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