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Your online resource for Entrepreneurship Degrees and Career Information. Entrepreneurs work more hours than most other professionals, pouring their own blood, sweat and tears into their business. There are more than 15 million income generating home businesses today, and that number will continue to grow over time as the internet creates more opportunities for people to own their own home businesses. While many of the home businesses that exist are simple to start, entrepreneurship degrees will always make the process of running a business much more simple than if people had no formal training whatsoever. Courses taken include business management, human resources, ethics, and other similar classes. People who choose to become entrepreneurs need to have self-motivational skills, discipline, and the ability to manage themselves and others. Investors are often required when it comes to starting a business, so interpersonal relations and business relations classes will likely be required, as well. An education in entrepreneurship can lead to many different business ownership opportunities, including home businesses, franchises, and ownership of traditional out-of-the-home businesses.

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