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Family Practice Nurse

Your online resource for Family Practice Nurse Education and Career Information. Family practice nurse positions are generally filled by the nurse practitioner. This training goes above and beyond the typical RN training, allowing for operation with or without a doctor's supervision. A family practice nurse will be able to see, diagnose, and treat patients on their own, creating more time for the doctor to focus on more severe patients and issues that need to be addressed. In many cases, the family practice nurse serves as the determining factor as to whether someone needs to see a doctor or not. Basic illnesses like sinusitis, respiratory infections, and other simple diagnoses and treatments are handled by nurse practitioners in many medical facilities. The nurse practitioner is becoming more popular as many pharmacies are implementing well care clinics that staff only a nurse practitioner and treat only the most common infections and illnesses. Into the future, this career will see significant growth that is well above the national average. The educational path for this career usually involves a master's degree in nursing with a specialization in one of many nurse practitioner related fields.

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