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Your online resource for Fashion Design Education and Career Information. Influencing everything from the movies to the streets, fashion is a billion-dollar industry and designers are at the heart of it all. If you have talent, drive, and trend-setting style to make it in the highly competitive fashion world, a degree can give you the skills and the connections to turn your passion into a successful career. Visit our extensive listings of online fashion design schools & degrees, fashion design jobs & careers, fashion design salary information as well as fashion design bachelor degrees, fashion design associate degrees, fashion design certificates, diplomas and fashion design master degrees online or at a campus nearby. If you're not sure where to start, see our overview of types of fashion design programs & degrees.

A fashion design program can prepare you for a variety of jobs in the field of fashion. Buyers in retail stores and retail store owners have degrees and certificates in fashion design. Your local tailor and nationally known fashion magazine writer have studied fashion design. A fashion design program is like an open ticket into the fashion industry.

What courses can I expect to take in a fashion design program? Fashion design programs can not only teach the basic execution skills necessary to sew beautifully but they can also go over how fashion affects society and has changed throughout history. Internships may be offered or trips abroad to such fashion capitols as Paris or New York. You can learn about the business of the fashion industry as well as build up to creating your own fashion line. Some courses you can expect include:

  • Concept Development
  • Digital Studio
  • Fashion Drawing
  • Fashion Industry
  • Fashion and Society
  • Machine Knitting
  • Menswear Tailoring
  • Shoe Design
  • Concept Development
  • Thesis - Design Collection
  • Surface Application
  • Fashion History

What can I do with a fashion design degree or certificate? You can do just about anything in the fashion industry with a degree or certificate in fashion design. The portfolio that you create and the skills you glean from your time in the classroom will serve you no matter what position you ultimately choose. Create your own line and open a boutique or hit the streets of the nearest fashion capitol and peddle your ideas to major fashion houses. Some of the jobs you can choose from include:

  • Fashion designer
  • Retail fashion buyer
  • Fashion marketer
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Fashion writer and researcher
  • Accessory Designer
  • Apparel Designer
  • Shoe Designer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Fashion retail shop owner
  • Tailor
  • Seamstress
  • Pattern Cutter

If you have a sense of fashion and like to keep current of the latest fashion trends, you should check into any of your local fashion design schools. This could lead you to an exciting and rewarding career. Fashion designers aid in the creation of clothing articles, shoes, and accessories that are available for consumers to purchase at venues around the world. Job duties of these workers include studying the latest fashion trends, sketching designs of their product, selecting colors and fabrics to be used on the product, and overseeing the final production of all of their designs. Some fashion designers specialize in the design of clothing, footwear, or accessories. However, others enjoy creating designs for all three industries.

  • Clothing designers. These designers help create and produce apparel for men, women, and children. These products include casual clothing, suits, sportswear, formalwear, outerwear, maternity, as well as intimate apparel.
  • Footwear designers. These designers help in the creation and production of different styles of shoes, sandals, and boots.
  • Accessory designers. These designers create products that go with a customer's outfit such as handbags, belts, scarves, hats, hosiery, and eyewear. Some fashion designers specialize in costume design for performing arts, movie productions, and television productions.

Training Needed For Fashion Design In order to become a fashion designer, look for schools that offer associate degree or bachelor's degree programs in this field. In these programs, you can take courses to help you become familiar with textiles, fabrics, ornamentation, and fashion trends. Other courses include color, sewing and tailoring, pattern making, and fashion history. In addition to attending any of the fashion design schools, you can learn some necessary skills and gain helpful experience by working in retail stores, as well as entering your designs in contests. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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