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Fashion Merchandising Degree

Your online resource for Fashion Merchandising Degree and Career Information. There is a great calling for fashion merchandising professionals in today's retail world. Although this career is one that isn't as glamorous as being a top-rated designer, being able to merchandise effectively and follow fashion and style guidelines is a great choice of careers for those who enjoy doing these types of things. A fashion merchandising degree will teach elements of fabrics, materials construction, design, merchandising, marketing, and even retail elements and business classes that are related to fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandisers are going to see an average growth in the next decade compared to the national occupational growth going on across the nation. They can expect to earn between $30,000 and $76,000 depending on education and experience, as well as the location where they work. Some cities and establishments will pay merchandisers more than others simply depending on their average going rates. Fashion merchandising careers include positions as a planner, buyer, and merchandiser in retail stores, specialty clothing shops, and other fashion-related businesses where merchandising services are needed.

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