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Your online resource for Retail Management Degrees and Career Information. Careers in retail management are not booming like they might have been a few years back, but they are doing quite well. As more people choose online shopping over traditional stores, it may seem that traditional stores are being phased out. However, it is unlikely that retail management degrees will ever be completely useless, and there are still plenty of job opportunities for those who have them. Store managers, assistant managers, and even district managers and higher levels of management can be career positions for those with retail management education. Of course, the more education that is obtained, the better the career position will be. An associate's degree will suffice for assistant positions and entry level jobs, while a bachelor's degree in business and retail management will be required for store managers and buyers. Senior level positions will require an MBA and extensive experience within the industry. This career requires training and education in analytical skills, problem solving, math, customer service and interpersonal communication, human resources, and other business courses that relate to retail environments.

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