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Your online resource for Finance Degrees and Career Information. Finance careers are a very lucrative option for people who enjoy working with numbers. Money management is not something that everyone is capable of, and people are always more than appreciative of other people being able to manage their money for them. Finance degrees teach education in money management, accounting, ethics, customer service, mathematics, and other related business classes. People who choose finance careers usually work in a variety of industries, including private consulting firms, businesses of all types that need finance professionals, and even charities and government organizations. These professionals usually require at least a bachelor's degree, although many will obtain an MBA, or Masters in Business Administration to garner better paying jobs and higher positions. A finance degree can also be combined with other degrees or programs to find a career that suits the abilities of each individual. Finance careers are expected to see about a 20% growth through 2018, which is higher than the national average for all other careers. Earnings average around $60,000 depending on the exact position that the professional holds.

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