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Accounting Schools in Florida

Guide to Florida Accounting Degree Programs

Are you looking to get a degree in accounting? Want to do it in one of the sunniest states in the country? If so, you should look into one of the many different accounting programs offered throughout the state. Indeed, Florida is home to a number of accounting schools. To obtain a traditional college degree in Florida, you can choose to go to City College, ITT Tech, Rasmussen College, Southwest Florida College, Everest University, and much more. There are also degree programs available online. If that sounds like something fit for you, check out American InterContinental University.

There are a bunch of courses that you may take as an accounting major. Some common ones include business law, intro to accounting, and auditing. You will of course have to engage in parts of the core curriculum required for any major, like English, math or science. Some schools may also request that you complete two semesters of a foreign language before you graduate. You might choose to do that anyway with your electives as a way to form a valuable minor. An applicant that speaks two languages always looks good in an employer’s mind.

Florida Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for accounting is very positive, and positions are opening up all the time. Recently legislation was passed to increase the severity of punishment for financial reporting fraud, and it has left business owners in a bit of a panic. The chief executive of a company can now be deemed personally responsible for any of the issues, so accountants are now in demand to ensure that no problems come about. An expanding economy is also expected to fuel the fire, making for more job opportunities once you get out of college.

The earning potential for a job in accounting all depends on where you want to work. Pay may vary slightly from city to city, but the main variance comes from the type of employer you have. You may make $40,000 a year working on your own, but if you seal a job with the government, that number may boost to $70,000. However, higher paying jobs are always packed with competition, so be prepared to work hard if you want to make big money. Obtaining a master’s degree instead of a bachelor’s degree is a good place to start. With the right mindset, you could have a lot of money in store.

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