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Art & Design Degrees in Florida

Guide to Florida Art and Design Degree Programs

Florida is home to some of the best art and design opportunities in the country. It offers several different institutes to work through that will allow students to earn the degree of their choice. Common places to look into art and design in the area are Keiser University, Rasmussen College, The Art Institute and Florida Technical College. Students can choose to work in a traditional classroom setting, or they can get into something new with online study. There are several institutes that will allow students to get a degree entirely or partially on the internet.

Courses for art and design majors will vary based on a student’s specialty. Each sector of the degree has courses that are directly associated with it, such as Art History courses and design studios. As much as most college students hate to hear this, the basics are mandatory across the board. Thus students must take math, science, English and history in spite of how likely they may be using such courses in their own lives. Recent trends have also led universities to require foreign language courses for degree pursuits, but that is not standard among all institutes.

Florida Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 16 percent growth in art and design jobs for the country over the coming years. With Florida being the home to so many educational opportunities, it only makes sense that the state may also be above the national growth level for jobs. The increase in availability for a particular job may not come about, but the industry as a unit should see expansion shortly.

The salary range for art and design majors is pretty expansive. That is because 62% of the people who hold such degrees are self-employed. Instead of earning an hourly income, most of them make money on commission or on a project by project basis. Thus the amount of money to be made could literally be limitless if the situation is right. Time, passion and commitment will be the keys to success. Those who do work for museums, art galleries and the like will earn regular incomes that may start around $60,000 a year and increase from there. Students may work as Architects, Interiors Designers, TV Producers, Multimedia Gurus, Graphic Designers and more with a degree in art and design. If you have a need to be creative, this is the field for you.

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