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Business Degrees in Florida

Guide to Business Schools in Florida

Florida is one of the 10 most populated states in the country. They also have the lowest unemployment rate among those top ten states. This means that if you’re looking for business schools and careers in Florida, you’ll have no trouble finding what you need. As of 2007, there were 8.8 million people employed in Florida and that number continues to grow despite economic setbacks in most of the country. There have been more than 120,000 new jobs created since 2006, and many of those jobs are in the business sector, including management and administrative positions in technology-based companies.

Business schools in Florida can offer associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and even certificate programs. However, for the best careers that are available, the MBA is definitely the way to go. The versatility of a business degree coupled with the immense focus on business growth and development in the state of Florida can offer anyone a secure future. The state is committed to expanding technology, aviation, energy and health sciences, and biotechnology industries, and business careers can be found in all of these areas for those who seek them. Whether you choose to train online or in a typical college classroom, you can trust that your education in business will be appreciated by companies large and small throughout the state.

Florida Business Job Outlook and Salary

Florida is very pro-business and pro-technology, and continues to create new business and new opportunities for business within these two industries. The state’s friendly nature and beautiful climate are what draw many people to the area, but the jobs and economic heartiness are definitely what keep them here. While many people might think of Florida merely as a retirement paradise for people from the North, it is also a booming location for young entrepreneurs, business people, and those just starting out in their careers. From Tallahassee to Miami Beach, big business and technology firms are taking roots in Florida and creating many jobs for future business graduates of all kinds.

Those who have an MBA will enjoy an average salary in analysis, management, consulting, and similar fields of around $72,000 annually. Additionally, almost half of the new jobs created have been in business, health services, and education, giving students a hopeful future with their business degree in tow.

With many different fields of specialization to choose from, a business degree can afford the flexibility that people want along with the career security that they need. Many business degrees are interchangeable, allowing people to work within many industries and disciplines with their one business degree.

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