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Criminal Justice Degrees in Florida

Guide to Florida Criminal Justice Schools

Florida criminal justice schools and programs offer something for just about everyone. You need to make sure that you take the time to check out all the programs that are available to you so that you can get the best education possible. There is nothing more important than your education, and you’ll have your choice of online, technical, and vocational schools to choose from for your career goals. Online classes are much more flexible and allow you to get the education that you want without putting your life on hold. Vocational programs are great for people who want to fast-track their education without missing out on the hands-on learning process.

Traditional colleges and universities are a great choice of Florida criminal justice schools as well. It’s all about finding the school that works for your needs. When you get your certificate or associate degree, you’re going to be able to start your career off on the right path. If you choose to get a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, you can find better paying careers and more chances for a successful future in the criminal justice industry. It’s up to you, but you can trust that Florida criminal justice schools will provide you with what you need.

Florida Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Florida has plenty of opportunity for those who seek it. The state’s economy depends heavily on tourism and aerospace, but with plenty of major cities the state also has a need for professionals in the field of criminal justice. Like most states, the economy is only going to improve into the future and the criminal justice industry is growing nationwide. This means more jobs for more graduates into the future, providing job security that people have not seen in a long time.

Florida pays its professionals quite well for the work that they do. Lawyers average around $114,000 annually for their positions, while the entire legal field has an average annual income around $82,000. Legal aides, paralegals, and support positions will garner about $45,000 each year on average, which isn’t bad for less than 2 years of education in most cases. For the enforcement end of criminal justice, protective services professionals (police, security, etc.) will earn about $37,000 annually, depending on training, education, and experience. All in all, Florida is a great state where you can pursue a criminal justice education and career to make your dreams come true.

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