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Engineering Degrees in Florida

Guide to Florida Engineering Schools

Florida has many different careers and educational paths that can be taken. While tourism is one of the biggest industries here, the aerospace industry is also popular and constantly growing, requiring graduates who hold engineering, space technology, and mathematics degrees. While you’re attending school, the tourism industry provides plenty of opportunities for employment to help pay for things along the way. There are a variety of programs in engineering available through the 163 public and private colleges in Florida, as well as technical schools and online college courses in engineering of all kinds.

The Florida Institute of Technology is a popular choice for many engineering students, but there are also many other schools that you can attend. Getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree in civil, computer, or electronics engineering can set you up for a lucrative career within the state of Florida. Whether you work with state and government operated programs or private companies in the engineering industry, you can guarantee that your education will serve you well. Florida might be known for tourism and good times, but there is a lot of room for graduates with degrees in technical industries and trades like engineering.

Florida Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

With the booming aerospace industry in Florida, engineering jobs are going to be secure and growing well into the future. Add to that the influx of technology that is being added to everyday jobs and positions like computer and software engineering are also going to be offering job security both now and into the future. Florida also has a healthy agricultural industry, creating plenty of jobs in the agricultural engineering field for graduates and future students who come to the Sunshine State for careers and education in engineering.

Salaries for engineers in Florida are quite impressive compared to other places in the country. While agricultural engineers average an annual salary just under $50,000, aerospace engineers, civil engineers, and all other types of engineering positions garner an average salary of $82,000 annually. With an associate’s degree or other technical certification, those in the technician and drafting fields can expect to earn an average of $45,000 annually even with their minimal education. Keep in mind that your level of education will impact the income that you can earn, with master’s and doctorate level degrees earning close to $100,000 in the engineering industry starting out, depending on the specific discipline and position that they are working in.

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