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Law & Justice Degrees in Florida

Guide to Florida Law and Justice Degree Programs

Florida has been dealing with problems economically in the recent past. However, this state still provides an excellent place to get your law and justice degree. The fourth largest state by population offers dozens of schools from the Panhandle to the southern tip of the state. Many of these schools provide degrees in the field that range from associates all the way up to law doctorates. The state university system is one of the best in the nation. Private colleges are well thought of as well. The community colleges and technical schools provide good choices as well.

In its early days, Florida relied solely on its agriculture economy. Times have dramatically changed. Tourism is a dominant economic force throughout the state. Amusement parks are a major attraction along with the beautiful beaches that surround the state. Phosphate mining can be found along the backbone of the state. Agriculture still has a large share of the economic pie however. Citrus is the most famous export, but tomatoes, strawberries and sugarcane are common commodities as well. The state’s warm climate makes it very attractive for people wanting to live near the water. The ocean can be enjoyed practically year round. The military provides a great deal of revenue to the state through various bases and commands scattered around. What can the Sunshine State do to further your degree dreams?

Florida Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

The state of Florida provides a variety of careers in the field of law and justice. However, it is near impossible to give a full overview of each one. To give an example of the state’s strengths, let’s use police officers to look.  Starting salaries are generally from $33,000 to $35,000 per year. With a few years experience, a police officer can expect to make around $48,000 annually. This is slightly lower than the national median. Larger communities will command higher salaries. The nearer a candidate gets to the ocean the higher the salary level is likely to get. Rural communities offer lower than average salaries.

The state of Florida’s demand for law enforcement officers is projected to grow 13% in the next decade. This is according to the Florida Agency for Workforce Development. This is higher than the projected national average of 11%. Growth is expected to be higher in urban areas around Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando. The state capital of Tallahassee as well as other parts of the Panhandle can expect growth as well.

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