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Massage Therapy Schools in Florida

Guide to Florida Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Florida is the land of sunshine and leisure. Tourists and locals alike take advantage of the benefits of massage therapy. Florida ranks fourth in state population and is a top destination for people of all ages. There are dozens of schools offering massage therapy classes from one end of the state to the other. Graduates can find work in the many spas and resorts found around the Sunshine State. The growing city centers of Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville provide clients from the business communities. Many smaller cities sprinkle the state from top to bottom as well.

Florida has grown from its earliest origins as an agricultural economy and its economy now relies a great deal on tourism. The gorgeous beaches and amusement parks bring visitors from around the world. The Sunshine State is a great place to learn and work in massage therapy.

Florida Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Massage therapy is a hot commodity in the state of Florida. Massage therapists will find work from one end of the state to the other. As with most states, beginning therapists will likely start working part time until they build a reliable client base. Starting salaries are generally from $17,000 to $21,000 per year. After gaining a few years experience and a steady client list, a massage therapist can expect to make around $33,000 annually. This figure is lower than the national median of $34,900. Therapists will build a client base faster in larger communities such as Miami or Jacksonville. They can also charge higher fees in urban centers.  

The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation projects the state’s demand for massage therapists to grow 23% in the next decade. This is higher than the projected national average of 20%. The state expects growth to be higher in urban areas around Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando. The state capital of Tallahassee as well as other parts of the Panhandle can expect growth as well. Resorts all around the state provide growth opportunities. The state of Florida does regulate massage therapy through the Florida Board of Massage Therapy. They require therapists to pass the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork exam and to get additional training every two years.

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