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Nursing Schools in Florida

Guide to Florida Nursing Degree Programs

Are you planning to become a nurse? Then applying to any of the Florida nursing schools is definitely a good idea. Healthcare providers in the state continue to grow and there is a big need for nurses, from clinical specialists to home health professionals. The big number of hospitals in Florida which include popular Sarasota Memorial, H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center and Jackson Memorial will all need more nurses well into the next decade. As the state grapples with the growing number of aging baby boomers, more individuals are expected to need medical attention. All these create a huge opportunity for new nurses in the state.

Apart from Florida nursing schools, there are various organizations focused in supporting and advancing the welfare of professional nurses in the state. The Florida Nurses Association has advocacies for all nurses regardless of specialization or practice. The association constantly pushes for better safety and health of nurses in the workplace. Other organizations also provide scholarships and other valuable resources to nursing students and open up opportunities for new registered nurses. If you want to become a scholar in any of the nursing schools in the state, all you need to do is apply and qualify for programs offered by groups like the Florida Nurses Association.

Florida Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Despite the top rated Florida nursing schools, there is a lack of nurses in the state. Aside from that, the nurses in the state are also aging. The Florida Center of Nursing is saying that the average age of nurses today is 47 years. This makes most nurses in Florida old in today’s standard. The number of nurses graduating and getting registered every year is not enough to fill in for aging and retiring nurses. So, if you plan on becoming a nurse in Florida, you definitely have opportunities waiting for you.  

After graduating from Florida nursing schools, registered nurses can look forward to a very rewarding career. More and more perks are being put up by healthcare providers just to retain nurses in their workforce. Right now, nurses in Florida can expect to get an average starting salary of $15 per hour or about $31,000 annually. Naturally, the more experience a nurse has, the higher the salary. An advanced registered nurse practitioner or ARNP can get anywhere from $45,000 to $90,000 in annual salary. On top of that, it is not rare for a nurse to get sign in bonuses and other initial perks.

Additional Nursing Schools in Florida

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Florida State University - College of Nursing
University of Central Florida - College of Nursing
University of Florida - College of Nursing

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