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Trade & Vocational Schools in Florida

Guide to Florida Trade and Vocational Programs

Enrolling in a trade or vocational school can be a wise decision for many reasons. One reason that many students are opting for this choice is the fact that the cost of tuition at a trade school is considerably less than that of a four year university. Florida offers a wide selection of trade schools with a variety of programs to choose from. Several popular vocational programs include ITT Technical Institute, Southern Technical College, and ATI Career Training Center. If you require a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to your schooling schedule, you can choose from a variety of online programs. The Art Institutes, and Everest University. There is no shortage of programs to choose from.

The coursework that you are required to take will be dependent largely upon your major. Most career programs are designed to provide hands on learning for their students. However, a select few programs will require a student to take basic courses in business, math, science, or English. There are also some career fields in which a student must undergo an apprenticeship before they are allowed to work independently in their field. You should be aware that most apprenticeship programs require a student to have maintained at least a “C” average in their remedial course work.

Florida Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

The length of your academic program will be determined by your major. Most vocational programs are designed to only last one to three years. However, you may have to undergo an apprenticeship which will further extend your education. The length of an apprenticeship will be determined by the complexity of your major. Blue collar jobs are the driving economic force in America, and there is no shortage of available jobs. The basic services that blue collar jobs provide are essential, and there is a projected growth in the amount of available jobs in most career fields.

In regards to the salary that one can expect to draw, it will be determined mostly by your chosen field of study. For example, an electrician who has recently finished their apprenticeship can expect to make roughly $40,000 a year starting off. However, as they gain experience and seniority in their field, their earnings will increase proportionately. Choosing a specialty within your field can also increase the amount of money that one can earn. For those who are self employed, there is no limit to the amount of money that they can make.

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