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Accounting Schools in Georgia

Guide to Georgia Accounting Degree Programs

If you are looking to get an accounting degree in the state of Georgia, you should have no trouble finding a school to do so in. Georgia has a surprising number of schools that offer such a degree program, so it’s really just a matter of where you want to study. You might choose to go to Argosy University, ITT Tech, Herzing University, Bauder College, or any of the other physical schools in the state. You also have the choice to work online if you so desire. Common institutes that have online degree programs are American InterContinental University. There are other schools that you can work through though.

The courses that you take in the field of accounting will deal with finances, the economy, laws, and filing. Each course is designed to prepare you for the various obstacles you may encounter in the field. Beyond the degree requirements you may have, you will obviously have to go through the core curriculum like math, English and history. How much of those courses are required will be based on the university you attend. You should get a chance to select some electives during your studies which may make up for the time spent in the basics.

Georgia Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great job outlook for accounting in the future, and this field is actually expected to expand more than jobs overall in the country. An 18% growth is said to occur between 2006 and 2016, so we are already midway through the transformation. There has been a lot of legislation passed in recent years that mandates stricter punishments for financial reporting fraud. Such legislation has left businesses desperate for properly trained accountants who can ensure a clean audit when the time comes. Couple this with a growing economy and you have the makings for a lot of jobs available for you.

The range of salaries for the field of accounting is mainly based on a person’s line of work. Working for the government holds a starting pay around $50,000 a year, but that is the upper end pay for work in nonprofit organizations. Securing a job in such elite positions may prove difficult because of the amount of competition you may encounter, but getting a master’s degree should help along the way. Employers look for higher education as a sign of knowledge and commitment, two things that are vital in a good employee.

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