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Art & Design Degrees in Georgia

Guide to Georgia Art and Design Degree Programs

Are you seeking an art and design degree in Georgia? Well, you should have no trouble at all finding an institute to attend. Georgia houses a plethora of educational opportunities for people who wish to go into art and design, and there are several different areas of specialization that one may go into for a degree program. Traditional and online universities are readily accessed within the state, so students can attend Bauder College, and The Art Institute, among other places. Some local community colleges and vocational schools may also have art and design opportunities.

Common coursework for an art and design major may vary based on a person’s school and area of specialty. Someone looking into Art History is going to go through a much different degree program than someone looking into Graphic Design. There will of course be some overlap, namely in terms of the core courses like mathematics and English. Foreign language courses may also be required by a certain university, depending on the other degrees available therein.

Georgia Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

There are a multitude of museums in the area that promote the availability of art and design jobs, such as the Georgia Museum of Art, the Tubman African American Museum, the High Museum of Art, and the Telfair Museum of Art. People can choose to work in one of those museums, or they can opt for self-employment. Either way, the existence of these places encourages people to get more involved in art and design, which in turn lead to more job openings. Thus students can expect to see a positive job outlook after earning a degree in art and design.

The amount of money to be earned as an art and design major will be determined by where and how a person works. Those who work for a company and actually get an hourly wage may see $15 an hour or more, depending on job time, overall experience and position. The 62% of people in this field who are self-employed will likely be paid on a project by project basis for their work. That of course depends on what kind of field they work in. Bigger jobs will undoubtedly result in bigger pay checks. Overall, art and design majors normally make a lot of money, given that they are talented in what they do. Find a university with a degree program you like and begin your education today.

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