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Guide to Georgia Culinary Arts Degree Programs

It’s sad to see that so few people like to cook on their own nowadays. Fast food restaurants and high dollar places to dine are becoming more and more of a rage, leaving the modern day kitchen to be a storage place more than anything else. If you see the beauty in cooking still, you might be one of the few people out there that are set to go into a culinary arts degree program.

There are many different courses that you might attend as a culinary arts major. What those are specifically will be determined by the kind of program you want to go into. You can choose to look into a manager type position where you may work as a food and beverage director, or you could focus in traditional or bakery style cooking. You will get hands on training from professionals in the career who are there to expose you to modern cooking techniques and the way that the food industry is moving.

Georgia Culinary Arts Job Outlook and Salary

There are a lot of jobs coming available over the next decade in the country. Some estimate that more than 2 million jobs in culinary arts will be up for grabs soon. What is the cause of this growth? Well, that mainly comes from people’s insistence to eat out nowadays. To accommodate for the lack of actual cooking, culinary arts majors are needed to step in and provide good food for people who do not wish to prepare it themselves. Incomes have risen, so people have more money to spend on fine dining. That’s where you might come into play.

The culinary arts majors in Georgia normally make around $40,000 a year. That is based on all of the different positions available in the field. Due to steep competition, upper-end positions, like that of a director or head chef, pay significantly more than the average. The problem is that not many of those high paying jobs come around, and they get filled rather quickly. You might find great money in owning your own restaurant, or you could be content with just working in the kitchen. That is entirely up to your needs, wants and skills. Look into getting your degree right now.

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