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Engineering Degrees in Georgia

Guide to Georgia Engineering Schools

Getting an engineering degree in Georgia is simple, especially if you do so in the greater Atlanta area. There are many different engineering schools and programs throughout the state, as well as online programs and courses that students can take to obtain or further their engineering education. From software engineering to electrical engineering and everything in between, there is a program out there for just about anyone. From Atlanta to Marietta and beyond, Georgia engineering schools are certainly not hard to find. Getting a bachelor’s degree in engineering is going to provide access to some successful careers, but most of the top careers in this industry required master’s degrees and further learning beyond the basic college education.

Georgia is a big time promoter of higher education in disciplines like engineering, business, and related fields. These jobs are top-paying careers that they need people to fill. As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, software engineers and other technology-based engineering professions will be in high demand, which is great for recent graduates and current engineering students of all kinds. The state supports many educational programs for engineering students, and scholarships and grants abound for this specific educational discipline. The Georgia Engineering Foundation has been the sponsor of a scholarship program for more than 30 years that affords local students the chance to get their engineering degree on scholarship, as well.

Georgia Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

The future is bright for recent graduates and those entering the engineering field in Georgia. While jobs in technology-related engineering will be the most productive and see the most future growth, other engineering jobs are much needed in Georgia, as well. The average engineer in Georgia makes about $60,000 annually, depending on the specific discipline that they are trained in. Those who work in agriculture and civil engineering will average around $73,000 annually while computer engineers and electronics engineering professionals will net $10,000 more on average per year, with a median salary of $83,000 annually.

Civil engineers, electronics and computer engineers, and chemical engineers are the professions that will see the most growth into the future. With sponsors and scholarship programs that are promoting the engineering degree to students in Georgia, the education is not difficult to find. With the projected future growth of industries like engineering, the jobs should be easy to find once the education has been completed, as well. According to Georgia Tech press releases, the Engineering Schools are preparing for a surge in the student population as they prepare for careers that will be growing quickly in the coming years.

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