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Nursing Schools in Georgia

Guide to Georgia Nursing Degree Programs

If you believe that you have the skills needed to care for people then you can consider applying in any of the top caliber Georgia nursing schools and pursue a career in nursing. Georgia is a good place for you to study and build your career in the field of nursing. For one, the state is experiencing a huge shortage in nurses. Plus, it has a number of institutions that can really provide high quality training for future nurses. The St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta, for instance, is one of the renowned specialty-referral medical facilities in the Southeast region of the US. There is also the Atlanta Medical Center, which is recognized as one of the best providers of healthcare services for spine, stroke, and heart problems and even surgical weight loss solutions.

Apart from Georgia nursing schools, the state also has some of the most active nurse communities in the country. The Georgia Nurses’ Association is the biggest professional organization for registered nurses in the state. It seeks to continuously advance the welfare of member nurses and the overall nursing profession. In addition to providing valuable information about nursing scholarships and other healthcare issues, the association allows nurses to have a collective voice in the state.

Georgia Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

But even if there are many high quality Georgia nursing schools, the state still suffers from a shortage of nurses, just like in other areas in the US. Unfortunately, as the baby boomers in Georgia hits the age of seniority, more and more people would require medical attention and care. In short, more nurses are needed if the hospitals in the state are to deliver top notch medical services. This provides a good opportunity for nursing graduates as surely there is a job waiting for them when they become registered nurses.

The need for more nurses is highlighted by the fact that nursing associations and even the state government are finding ways to ensure that more high school graduates take up nursing studies in college and that existing nurses are retained in hospitals and other facilities. There are nursing scholarship programs available for qualified students.

After graduating from Georgia nursing schools, a newly registered nurse can look forward to a bigger starting salary compared to other professionals. The average annual salary for a nurse in Georgia is around $81,000. The median hourly salary is anywhere from $19.54 to $25.22. Plus, there are other bonuses and perks accorded to experienced nurses.

Additional Nursing Schools in Georgia

Augusta State University Department of Nursing
Georgia Southern University College of Health and Human Sciences
Emory - Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Medical College of Georgia

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