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Trade & Vocational Schools in Georgia

Guide to Georgia Trade and Vocational Schools

More and more students are opting to enter into a trade or vocational school or program these days. This is largely due, in part, to lower expenses associated with a vocational trade school versus a traditional four year institute. Georgia has no shortage of community colleges or trade schools that offer a wide variety of degree programs. Several of these schools include Lincoln College of Technology and Medix School. There will be students who need greater flexibility in their school schedules. For those students, Altierus Career College offers online degree programs. This can be an ideal solution for those who do not think they have the time to return to school.

The school or program that you choose to enter will be largely dependent upon the major that you select to study. Your chosen field of study will dictate what type of course work you will be expected to undergo. Most vocational school programs are designed to teach a student purely hands on experience when it comes to their vocation. However, it is not uncommon for a program to require a student to take remedial courses in math, science, or business. Popular fields of study in vocational schools include carpentry, graphic arts, masonry, and plumbing. It is important that you choose a field of study that you will enjoy doing over a number of years.

Georgia Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

Vocational school programs are generally designed to last between one to three years. However, the length of the program will be determined by the complexity of your chosen field of study. There are many programs that require a student to undertake an additional apprenticeship after they have finished their original program. Blue collar workers, those who have graduated from trade or vocational schools, are the ones who perform the services essential to keeping the American economy moving. In most of these fields, there is projected to be substantial growth in the amount of available jobs in the next ten years.

The salary that you can expect to make will vary widely according to your chosen career. Specializing in a certain aspect of your chosen career can ensure that you make more money. As you accumulate experience and seniority in your field, you can expect your earnings to increase accordingly as well. A licensed vocational nurse can expect to earn $49,000 a year straight out of school. However, with an increasing shortage of nurses, he or she can expect to see their earnings increase as the demand for the skills grows higher.

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