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Gerontology Degrees

Your online resource for Gerontology Degrees and Career Information. Gerontology is the study of aging, on physical, mental, and social levels. It focuses on the study of changes in adults during ages and the ways that social issues change with age. This particular discipline is available as an RN credential that allows nurses to cater specifically to older patients and become advocates for the elderly. Gerontology degrees are also available in other disciplines including social sciences and healthcare outside of nursing. In any situation, the focus of the study is on the aging process and the patients or clients that are taken care of are generally above the age of 65. Certification in gerontology can allow anyone to work in nursing homes, hospitals, and other facilities directly working with older patients. Associate's degrees prepare students for entry-level careers and bachelor degree programs, and include training in courses that are relevant to the aging process. Continued improvements in healthcare are creating longer lives for current elderly patients, creating a demand for more professionals who can deal specifically with the aging process through gerontology degrees.

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