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Your online resource for Guidance Counselor Education and Career Information. Guidance counselors are a rare breed. These are specially trained counseling professionals who work in schools to help children and young adults with school issues, planning for the future, and career and college decisions. School counselors are required to meet state certification standards, which vary from one state to the next. They also generally have to have some graduate-level work completed. Just about every state requires guidance counselors to have a master's degree and keep up with continuing education in order to keep their certification current every year or two. In most states, counselors will have to complete 3,000 hours or two years of supervised job experience in order to get their license. Then, they will have to seek continuing education over time to maintain that license. There are more than 250,000 school and guidance counselors in the workforce, and the job outlook is positive for these professionals. Retiring professionals and a high demand versus low availability of recent counseling graduates are going to contribute to the increase of counseling positions that are available in schools, among other things.

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