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Accounting Schools in Hawaii

Guide to Hawaii Accounting Degree Programs

Although Hawaii is small, it still has three different schools that you can attend to pursue a degree in accounting. Such schools include Heald College and Argosy University. American InterContinental University offer online degree programs as well. Those you can take right from home any time you want to, so you can maintain a completely flexible learning schedule that occurs on your own time.

The courses that you take during your degree program will reflect the requirements of the job. You will have to know about business law and federal taxation law, among other things like proper filing techniques, auditing and cost accounting. You will also be required to engage in parts of the core curriculum, like math and English. These will likely be finished within your first few years of school though, so they won’t eat up your valuable study time later on. Your university may also request that you take a foreign language for a couple of semesters. Work those in as electives and you might be able to formulate a minor if you play your cards right.

Hawaii Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is great growth in store for the field of accounting as highly trained workers are now in strong demand. The main reason for the expansion is because of some laws that have been passed with regards to financial reporting fraud. Now the chief executive of a business is deemed personally responsible for any fraud that may come about, so finding a good accountant has become a top priority for businesses all around. A growing economy has also yielded a greater demand, so you should not have trouble finding open jobs once you get out of school.

Being well paid should not be an issue if you work as an accountant, but that all depends on where you wish to work. The U.S. government will be the best place to go for high pay as they pay their accountants up to $70,000 a year. However, you can choose to own your own firm and still make $50,000 a year. Employers may be looking for people with a master’s level education instead of a bachelor’s, so it is advised that you get a higher level degree to improve your employment chances.

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