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Art & Design Degrees in Hawaii

Guide to Hawaii Art and Design Degree Programs

Being as small as it is, Hawaii does not hold a lot of art institutes within its borders. That is not to say that opportunities around though. For instance, Heald College offers a degree program for Web Design that may be just the right fit for people joining the technological world. Some community colleges offer small programs for art and design as well and there are always online programs available no matter where you go. You can choose to attend Full Sail University, though there are other online opportunities out there. You may find hybrid degree programs as well that will allow you to be in the classroom part of the time and online the other part.

Coursework for an art and design major will be based on the specific field that the person goes into. Graphic Design, Multimedia, Architecture, Film and Landscape Design are just some of the many areas that a person can opt to go into. Despite a person’s specific needs, each student is required to go through the basic courses of history, science, math and English when looking into a college degree. Some universities also require foreign language courses for credit to complete graduation.

Hawaii Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

Most of the people who earn an art and design degree end up being self-employed. These people work as artists or hold their own design firm, so making an estimation of how much they earn can prove difficult. If an artist is getting paid per project, it is a lot harder to predict income than if the person is earning an hourly wage. Your earnings will be set out by your area of expertise. Time on the job, relationships with clients, and dedication to the career will also be factors in determining annual salary.

There is expected to be a small but still impactful growth in the field for people who hold a degree in art and design. Whether the particular job position you are looking into has growth ahead may be debatable, but the industry as a whole is expected to be in the rise. Those people who choose to work on pieces that deal with Hawaiian culture will likely be the most successful in their careers. As long as you go forth with your degree pursuits and maintain a drive to succeed, you should be able to see a fair income with an art and design degree.

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