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Business Degrees in Hawaii

Guide to Business Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii is a diverse state, with many unique cultures, industries, and environments blended into one unique location. Their commitment to innovation and development of the workforce allows them to offer many jobs for business professionals. A business education in Hawaii is going to afford plenty of opportunity as Hawaii continues to build their link to the global economy in an attempt to utilize its geographic location in the world. Additionally, those who are considering going back to school should check into the newly created ‘Lifetime Learning Accounts’ which were created to give tax incentives to employees who return to higher education for the sake of their career.

Hawaii’s economy was all but stagnant in the 1990s. However, it has now grown to out-perform many of the other states in the U.S. in employment, business development, and population growth. Imagine working in your dream business career while living in paradise. That’s why so many people come to Hawaii when they are choosing where they want to work and play. The most popular industries here are global business management, international business, and public administration, but there are many other fields to pursue. An MBA in finance, marketing, or healthcare management can also garner successful careers and impressive salaries.

Hawaii Business Job Outlook and Salary

Earning potential and future job growth is definitely present in Hawaii. With a dependence on improving the business industry and a drive to succeed in becoming an international business force to be reckoned with, Hawaii affords opportunity galore to anyone with a business degree. Associate and bachelor degree programs are the most popular, but those who seek the MBA or doctorate level programs will find more chances for higher earnings and better jobs within their current company as well as within the state in general.

Living and working in Hawaii might not be the perfect choice for everyone, but for anyone who wants a chance to live and work in paradise while making salaries that are substantially above average on a national level, this is the place to be. From healthcare management to technology related business jobs, there are positions for all types of people with just about any business degree. With an 8.2% increase in personal income in 2005 alone, Hawaii is proving itself as a staying power in the world of business and technology, as well as international business and the global economy. While other careers are available, the most popular career found here is international business, and getting that MBA can be your ticket to a lifetime in paradise.

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