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Criminal Justice Degrees in Hawaii

Guide to Hawaii Criminal Justice Schools

Hawaii criminal justice schools are not as plentiful as they might be in other states. However, for those who choose the islands for their education, there are opportunities available. While the state only has a few colleges and universities, there are plentiful vocational schools and online programs for anyone who wants a degree in criminal justice or any other professional field. Online courses are great for people who live in remote areas of the islands and cannot access traditional schools. They are also beneficial to anyone who wants to further their career, but cannot put their entire life on hold.

If you’re looking for a great career in criminal justice, you CAN find the education that you need in Hawaii. No matter what type of program you choose or which exact field of study you pursue within criminal justice, you can guarantee that it will put you on the path to career success that you’ve always dreamed of. Make sure that you take the time to check out all of the options that you have available, and give yourself the best chance at success possible. Get a certificate or associate degree to start your career on the right path, or further your career by pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in criminal justice.

Hawaii Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Hawaii’s economy is known for manufacturing, tourism, and the military. However, they do have plenty of criminal justice opportunities for people who need them. With a stable economy that is constantly growing, Hawaii has something for just about everyone. Fortunately, both now and into the future, finding criminal justice careers won’t be a challenge for anyone. The best jobs will be on the main island and in major cities, but there are jobs in rural areas as well.

Hawaii criminal justice professionals earn a decent living compared to the cost of living in the state. Legal occupations average around $76,000 annually, but this includes the entire field of legal work. Lawyers will make an average of $95,000 a year for their skills, while legal aides, assistants, and paralegals will average around $47,000 annually for the positions that they hold. Of course, this is a state average, and your wages may be higher or lower depending on the position that you take and your education. If you choose protective services instead, for careers like police work, security, and those types of criminal justice careers, you’ll see an average annual salary of around $38,000 with more being paid to those who are trained more or have more education.

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