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Engineering Degrees in Hawaii

Guide to Hawaii Engineering Schools

Hawaii engineering schools are not as plentiful as they might be in other states, but the quality of the education is top rate, as you would expect from any school offering a professional degree like this one. The state once relied mainly on tourism, but has expanded to offer agriculture, manufacturing, and military careers as a large part of the economy. The ideal degree in Hawaii would, of course, be in tourism, but there is plenty of room for engineers as well, no matter what type of engineering you are looking to get involved with. If you are in an area that doesn’t have colleges or the programs that you want, consider online courses as an alternative to get your engineering degree.

Hawaii is a beautiful setting to get an education. There is nothing more wonderful than living and learning in paradise, and if you choose online learning, you can even take classes on the beach if you want. The options are limitless for education and careers in Hawaii, and every student should have no trouble finding a program that suits their specific needs. Engineering starts with technical certifications and then moves to bachelor’s degrees, but those who stick around to obtain master’s degrees or higher education will certainly reap the rewards of their efforts with better job opportunities and higher paying salaries.

Hawaii Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Hawaii, like most other states in the U.S., is looking to expand and diversify its economy in order to provide people with the best opportunities available. There are currently many different engineering positions available with a variety of different sources, as well as many more jobs that will expand and be created into the future. While you might not find as many jobs as you would find in states that pride themselves on their engineering jobs, you can find plenty of career opportunity in Hawaii with your engineering education if you look.

The salary for Hawaii engineering is fairly substantial. There is an average for all engineers of $80,000 annually, with environmental, industrial, and mechanical engineers making the most money. The lower end of the salary range is around $70,000 for engineering professions, which actually isn’t that low at all. The cost of living in Hawaii depends on where you live, but it isn’t high compared to other states in the U.S., which means that you can make a substantial living as an engineer here. Between the online and typical education programs and the beauty of the island, coming to Hawaii to pursue an engineering education and career is definitely something to consider.

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