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Graphic Design Schools in Hawaii

If the field of design intrigues you, consider working toward a degree in graphic design or even attending one of the graphic design schools in Hawaii. Graphic designers can enter many different fields--they can be involved in layout and production, advertising campaigns and online media. Graphic design courses in Hawaii develop skills in the areas of color, illustration and multimedia, and graphic design schools in Hawaii provide a balanced educational foundation in both traditional art and computer programs. Graphic designers already at work in Hawaii earned a mean wage of $47,340, according to 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure equates to wages of $22.76 per hour. By 2018, nationwide employment opportunities for graphic designers are predicted to grow by 13 percent, a rough translation of 36,000 new graphic design jobs, according to the BLS. You may have the option to take graphic design courses in Hawaii through either traditional campus settings or through online programs. Graphic design schools in Hawaii typically offer certificate, two-year and four-year training. Most employers, however, usually require a four-year bachelor's degree for entry-level roles, reports the BLS. If you want to join the more than 500 graphic designers already employed in the state, think about enrolling in graphic design courses in Hawaii as your next move.

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