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Massage Therapy Schools in Hawaii

Guide to Hawaii Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Hawaii came into the nation as the fiftieth state. Massage therapists will find this beautiful island chain unique for getting their massage therapy degrees. Unfortunately, the state does not have any significant schools providing massage therapy classes onsite. However, online classes fill this gap. The state became a major tourist destination over a century ago and it remains so now. Manufacturing and agriculture also give boosts to the state’s economy. Population has gained steadily over the past few decades. The population is among the most diverse in the country. Asian immigrants joined island natives over the years. Add mainlanders moving to the islands and the population mixes.

The state is a great place to live and learn as well. The warm tropical breezes enhance the sparkling blue waters. Outdoor calls even the indoor soul. The Aloha State is a fantastic place to visit and to live. All of the islands have rural communities nestled amongst the mountain peaks. Getting from one island to another requires boat or airplane transportation. For those with massage therapy degrees, the urban centers as well as the resorts and spas will provide the most job options. How can Hawaii help you to pursue your dreams?

Hawaii Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Hawaii can provide options for those with massage therapy degrees. The larger cities of Honolulu or Oahu offer the largest number of opportunities. Resorts and larger hotels that offer spa treatments require massage therapists as well. Rural communities will not offer many options for jobs. The state does regulate therapists that practice within the state’s boundaries. The Hawaii State Board of Massage Therapy has responsibility in this area. All potential candidates must pass a state exam prior to receiving a license.

Massage therapists in Hawaii can expect to start making $17,000 to $20,000 each year to begin with. When they gain experience and build a good client base that salary will raise to around $41,000. This is more than the median national salary of $34,900. However, the much higher cost of living on the island offsets this higher figure. Hawaii’s State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations expects that the state’s demand for massage therapists will grow by 11% in the next few years. This is well under the national average of 20%. The state’s population has had a slower pace of population growth over the past few years. However, tourism has remained steady.

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