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Your online resource for Histotechnology Degrees and Career Information. Histotechnology refers to the career that is more commonly known as lab technician or another type of similar career. This career requires education in classes like anatomy, physiology, microbiology, medical terminology, and other types of similar classes. A histotechnologist is merely a medical lab technician. That term is just a technical term that tends to confuse more people than it helps. Courses that will need to be taken are similar to the ones listed above and courses required for lab technicians. These programs include associate degrees on most occasions, which can provide just about all of the training that people need for this career position. The job projections are favorable through the next decade, and will likely grow much faster than average up until 2014, when growth will probably slow back to a more normal pace. Anyone who gets histotechnology degrees can work in laboratories and help to analyze and examine specimens to determine what patients are afflicted with and how it can be treated or eliminated. Usually this is in a hospital setting, but not in all cases.

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