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Your online resource for Human Resource Degrees and Career Information. Human resources professionals will see a projected growth of 22% in the industry through 2018, which is about ten percent higher than the national average. College graduates and others with postsecondary education will find the most opportunities in this particular industry. A bachelor's degree is the typical path into this particular career, but it can be obtained through other educational paths. Some human resources professionals are hired at an entry-level position with no formal education. These opportunities, of course, are rare and will not garner the highest pay or the most rewarding positions. Those who pursue even a certificate program or associate human resource degrees will have options that are much better than those with no formal education. The more formal training that a person has, the better their job opportunities and potential income will be. Human resource degrees can lead to many rewarding careers working in administrative support positions and as human resource management in big and small companies in the public and private sector, in a variety of industries.

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