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Business Degrees in Idaho

Guide to Business Schools in Idaho

Business schools in Idaho are a lot more popular than you might think. If you’ve chosen this as your destination for a business education and career, you’re not as crazy as some people might say. The population of the state of Idaho grew 21% between the years of 1995 and 2005, and continues to grow each year. The job opportunities for business school graduates have never been better, and the costs of living and operating a business in the state of Idaho are lower than the national average. Idaho might not be New York or Chicago, but there are plenty of business careers available for the people who call it home.

Business schools in Idaho are obviously not the first thought that many people have, but they are an important part of the economic climate in the state. In addition to many great career opportunities and business school programs, Idaho also boasts increasing diversity, urbanization, scenic beauty, and cultural attractions that are sure to make any life enjoyable. Idaho has plenty to offer beyond business education and careers, but they also have plenty of those available for the people who seek them.

Most of the popular schools and programs are in Boise, but there are many online courses that can be taken for business degrees, as well as smaller community colleges and business schools throughout the state that students of all ages can attend. The majority of the job opportunities will be found in Boise and Meridian, but a look outside of the cities might elicit some pretty big job offers for those with the right training and education. For the most success in this growing business climate, an MBA is recommended. However, for those with bachelor’s and lower degrees, there are still plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Idaho Business Job Outlook and Salary

Major employers seeking business graduates in the state of Idaho include Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer/Kroger, Hewlett Packard Inc., and Micron Technology. Popular fields within the business sector in Idaho include business management, administrative positions, finance and accounting, and human resources. Given the low operating costs and the need for qualified employees, the average salaries paid to Idaho business employees are rather favorable. While financial services jobs garner about $38,000 on average and professional and business services positions generate an annual salary of around $36,000, this might not seem like a lot. However, factor in the low cost of living here and it’s quite comparable to many other cities throughout the country.

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