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Criminal Justice Degrees in Idaho

Guide to Idaho Criminal Justice Schools

Idaho doesn’t offer as much as many other states do, and many people don’t think of it as a plentiful state for education or careers. However, Idaho does have a few colleges and universities that you can attend, along with plenty of Idaho criminal justice schools online and technical programs that can be sought. If you want a criminal justice education in Idaho, you can find it as long as you know where to look. There are many great careers that you can pursue with this education, giving you all the opportunity that you could ask for in a beautiful, serene setting.

Idaho online programs are great for people who live in remote areas or those who want to continue on with their lives while still furthering their education. If you want a hands-on fast-track to your career, consider technical and vocational criminal justice programs. Get your certificate or associate’s degree to start your career in criminal justice, or pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree to obtain more lucrative and professional careers in the industry. No matter what you choose, you can find the education that you need in Idaho.

Idaho Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Idaho actually has a very stable economy, and while criminal justice careers don’t make any of the top industry lists they are available. There is a potential for growth in the future, as well, simply because the entire criminal justice industry is growing very rapidly across the nation. In Idaho, the best jobs will be found in Boise and other major cities, with rural jobs being lower-paying positions if they can be found at all. For those pursuing a criminal justice degree, they can trust that jobs will be out there when they are ready for them. It just might require a little more searching.

Idaho professionals are paid quite well for their skills. Legal occupations average around $75,000 a year across the board, with lawyers bringing in around $93,000 and legal assistants and support positions earning around $43,000 annually. Those who choose to work in the protective services industries on the enforcement end of criminal justice will earn around $37,000 annually, with police officers and administrators being on the higher end of the average. Ultimately, no matter what criminal justice career interests you, there are plenty of opportunities for your degree and career when you come to Idaho to obtain them. If you want a high quality of life in a beautiful setting, this is the place to be.

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