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Engineering Degrees in Idaho

Guide to Idaho Engineering Schools

Idaho is not just small potatoes when it comes to engineering schools. All bad puns aside, there is actually quite a lot to be said about engineering programs in the beautiful state of Idaho. Between the quality programs and the idyllic setting, there is so much to see and enjoy in this great state in the Northwestern United Sates. Electronics and high-tech manufacturing have become important industries in recent years, allowing engineering degrees to prove more useful than ever in many different places. The population in Idaho is small, which means that there are more opportunities for jobs for the people who do live there, but less choice in education for students.

Regardless of whether there are schools nearby or not, online programs can help anyone to get the engineering degree that they need and deserve. There is so much of Idaho that is rural and not populated that online education is sometimes the best choice. However, the University of Idaho also offers a great engineering program both in the typical setting and online for those students who need a distance education program. Whether you study online or in person, engineering can be a great degree choice in Idaho. Bachelor’s degrees are a good starting point, and those who go on to master’s programs can find better jobs and higher pay for their extra learning.

Idaho Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Even though high-tech manufacturing and electronics have started to become dominant in the Idaho economy, there is still plenty of room for engineering as well. The cost of living in Idaho isn’t that high and the average household income is only about $37,000 annually. Engineers can average a salary of $75,000 annually, which is quite substantial when compared to other industries. Because of the population, some people think that jobs are scarce. However, the state is working hard to drum up new business and diversify the economy to keep it stable and growing, which means that current students will have plenty to choose from when they graduate with an engineering degree in a few short years.

Chemical engineers and nuclear engineers are a big deal in Idaho. These professions fetch an average of $102,000 and $100,000 annually, respectively. Other popular positions include mechanical engineers, computer hardware engineers, and agricultural engineers, who all earn between $78,000 and $95,000 annually. It’s not all about the money, though. Some people are more concerned about the available jobs, but rest assured that there are plenty of jobs now and there will be plenty created in the future for engineering graduates who want to work in Idaho.

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